Presidents & Captains

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Bandon Rugby Football Club is recognised as one of the oldest clubs to be affiliated with the IRFU in 1882. In the 133 years that have past, many men have worn the Royal Blue of Bandon, but only the few have Captained our club. The names of these men and the Presidents that have presided over their tenure are listed on a plaque in our clubhouse.

    YEAR                      PRESIDENT                                CAPTAIN

2018 D Murphy K Desmond
2017 R O Sullivan T Ferguson
2016 A Lordan T Ferguson
2015 T Davis T Crowley
2014 R D Healy T Crowley
2013 J O Driscoll T Crowley
2012 V Duggan J P Lucey
2011 J O Mahony C O Mahony
2010 T Hickey K Lucey
2009 R Quin C Hurley
2008 J O Driscoll T O Callaghan
2007 C Nyhan C Hurley
2006 F Appelbe N Canniffe
2005 D O Leary T Crowley
2004 E Fleming M Flynn
2003 B Skuse B O Sullivan
2002 A Essex B McLaughlin
2001 M O Mahony B McLaughlin
2000 N O Driscoll M O Mahony
1999 J Riordan R O Sullivan
1998 D Murphy N Canniffe
1997 E Keane R Giles
1996 R Price P Burke
1995 T Fullam P Burke
1994 R Lovell B Daly
1993 K O Brien E Guinevan
1992 K O Brien E Guinevan
1991 J McLaughlin R Godsil
1990 J McLaughlin C Slattery/B Walsh
1989 A Neville A Beare
1988 K O Brien M O Keefe
1987 K O Brien P Burke
1986 K O Brien D McInerney
1985 H Skuse R Godsil
1984 R Lovell M O Mahony
1983 J O Driscoll E Keane
1982 R O Mahony F Walsh
1981 F Crowley D Prendergast
1980 P O Mahony E Keane
1979 D Coughlan T Hickey
1978 D Coughlan T Hickey
1977 E D Harte I Shorten
1976 E D Harte R Roycroft
1975 D Coughlan N O Driscoll
1974 D Coughlan R Lovell
1973 P O Dwyer N Hickey
1972 P O Dwyer N Hickey
1971 D T Poland W Roycroft
1970 M Powderly N O Connell
1969 N Coakley F Appelbe
1968 P O Dwyer R Lovell
1967 P O Dwyer B Harmon
1966 P O Dwyer B O Neill
1965 D J O Driscoll T Canniffe
1964 R Lovell
1963 Dr D O Flynn M Donegan
1962 R Tobin A Neville
1961 E A P Wheeler R Lovell
1960 E A P Wheeler G Neville
1959 T J O Brien J Doyle
1958 P Nutting D Donegan
1957 E Wheeler T Canniffe
1956 E Wheeler C Lehane
1955 S Murphy P Whelan
1954 E Shanahan E O Driscoll
1953 J Desmond C O Mahony
1952 W Slattery P Donegan
1951 Dr J O Sullivan T J O Brien/D Murphy
1949-50 J Neville J Walsh
1937-38 I McCuthcheon C O Driscoll
1933 J Quill
1932 T Poland
1931 J Desmond
1930 J J Harte
1929 J J Phelan
1928 J Neville
1882-87 F Levis