Dungeon of Doom 2018

Just a quick word of acknowledgement (albeit late!) to the group of people involved in Dungeon of Doom.

A MASSIVE THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED in this years event. It was a hugely successful production run by a a phenomenally talented & dedicated group of people ably led by the engine that is former club president Ricky O’ Sullivan – Thank you Ricky!  For those of you that didn’t experience it, WE URGE YOU TO GO SEE FOR YOURSELF NEXT YEAR!!

Finally, sincere THANKS to everyone that supported the event over the 3 dates, both members and non-members, it means an awful lot to the club. The feedback we received (and are still receiving) has been overwhelmingly positive which motivates us even more to drive on with an even bigger & more heart-stopping production next October 2019!

Til the next one!