Richard Godsil elected President Bandon RFC – August 2021


Firstly let me say how honoured I am to be elected President of Bandon Rugby Football Club for the coming season, one of the oldest rugby clubs in the country and so very pleased that Billy Daly has been elected as Vice President to keep an eye on me this year. Of my 26 seasons playing rugby, I played 14 consecutive seasons of Junior rugby here in Bandon and enjoyed everyone of them and many of them alongside Billy Daly.

But enough of yesterday, back to today and the overwhelming sense of anticipation that real, local rugby is back on our pitches and at every level across the country. Such a contrast to last season and indeed the tail end of the season before that, for reasons that are all too familiar to all of us, but as a great friend and character of Bandon Rugby Club used to say “There’s no future in looking backwards”. 

So let’s not take things for granted this time around! I was down at a Junior training session as well as an Under 16 session last week and one cannot but be impressed with the enthusiasm and the energy that both the players and the coaches are putting into “getting back to rugby”. So why not the rest of us too? The parents, the siblings, the friends and club members, why don’t we all get more involved this year? Why don’t we share the same enthusiasm and energy that our players and coaches are giving and get out there and give them our support at any opportunity that we can? 

Lets not take Bandon Rugby for granted this year!

Personally, I’m looking forward to meeting as many members, old and new, on the sidelines, in the clubhouse, at training sessions or wherever Bandon Rugby may be this year.

At the AGM last week, I gave a short address and I mentioned that in my 26 years as a player there was one aspect of the game that grew on me noticeably as the years progressed. That aspect was Respect. I believe that it is more evident in the game of rugby than any other game that I know of. Respect for self, for teammates, for coaches, for the opposition and for the officials. If every young player that joins Bandon Rugby leaves with a modicum of that virtue, for the way we play the game, I believe that the club will have left its mark.

May I finish up by wishing our Club Captain, Ben Ridgeway, every success for the coming season and indeed every captain throughout all the club every success. May we all share in the enjoyment of silverware, hard fought for and brilliantly won!

A quick reminder to renew your individual and family membership on club force please, its really made simple to just click here

Looking forward to meeting you..

Richard Godsil